Drama Source Performance Royalties

     Performance royalties are of two types, regular (in-theatre) and remote viewer (online). You have the option of choosing, and only paying for the number of audience members you expect. The price for each expected tickets at each performance decreases as the numbers of tickets go up. You can also choose different values for every performance.
     For example, for performance one you might purchase two-hundred in-theatre ticket royalties while choosing fifty remote viewer tickets. Then on performance two you might choose five-hundred in-theatre ticket rotyalties and one-hundred remote viewer tickets. Perhaps on performance three you want to keep it small and do one-hundred in-theatre tickets and no remote viewer ones. The options are open to you.
     At Drama Source, we try to keep these costs very reasonable, with all less than a dollar per ticket (assuming an average of 3 per remote view). We even allow you to perform and then pay these royalties after the production, as long as you contact us in advance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for any reason at https://dramasource.com/contact/.