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ADD   Debt and Deliverance - Angels Among Us
Author  Daris Howard (bio)
Cast: 9M, 3F
Set: Simple sets
Script (Min 12 needed)$5.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
    Andrew Sineaman is being honored by his country, Austria, for his courage in saving the lives of many people during Germany's occupation of the country. However, he feels he does not deserve this honor. The reason he doesn't is because he feels his life was purchased by someone else.
     When he was younger he, along with his three friends, were rebellious and troublemakers. But his curiosity, about an old pocket watch that has a bullet hole in it, makes him look deeper into the life of an old man, Torrance Edleton.
     Torrance lives only to serve others and Andrew, trying to learn the story of the pocket watch, starts working with him. The service Andrew renders starts to change his life. He learns that Torrance lives his life the way he does because he feels he owes a major debt for mistakes in his past.
     When Andrew and his friends face death from the Germans for the destruction of a power plant, Torrance takes the blame, saving their lives. In so doing, he helps Andrew understand that our lives are really a gift from God and others who have paid a price for us.