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ALSMG   Love, Sick, and Montezuma's Gold
Author  Daris Howard (bio)
Cast: 4 Men, 4 Women
Time: 1 hour
Set: Single set,cabin and corral.
Script (Min 8 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     The evil Bartholomew Blackburn and his sister Priscilla have tricked the Mr. Giving into mortgaging the deed to his ranch for an old cave that is supposed to be full of treasure. Now that Mr. Giving has died the mortgage falls to Mr. Giving's daughter Misty.

     Everyone wonders why the good hearted cowhand, Hannible wants to buy the worthless cave and later a worthless cow. But Hannible has a plan to get the ranch back. His plans change slightly when he find out that Bartholomew and Priscilla tricked Mr. Giving by giving him a love potion.

     Hannible's plans work out a little different than expected when the ornery, drunk cowhand, Charlie, accidentally gets hold of some of the love potion and falls in love with Priscilla whom he despises.

     All works out in the end as the hero saves the ranch and gets the heroine. All this plus Charlie's not too sharp side kick Tom, and the old foreign cook Louise, make this a fun melodrama.