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ARB   The Rented Bride
Author  Daris Howard (bio)
Cast: 9F, 4M
Set: Simple sets
Script (Min 12 needed)$5.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     The minute Marina's husband found out she was pregnant, he left her. She ended up saddled with his credit card debt, and she struggled for years to pay it off. She has despised and distrusted men ever since.
      But she is a savvy businesswoman. She started a new temp agency business and has worked hard to make it successful. However, she still struggles to control her disgust with men, especially married men who flirt with her.
      But the day that Jason came in and outright asked if she could find a woman he could rent as a wife, her disgust exploded, and she threw him out. But when her car wouldn't start, and she needed help, Jason kindly came to her aid.
      As she reluctantly gets to know him, she begins to understand that things aren't always what they appear at first glance.