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BCC   Bigfoot, Campers, Cheerleaders, Nerds, and the Three Wise Guys
   Comedies,Dramas,Youth/Teen,Royalty Free
Author  Edgar Eaton
Cast: Depends
Time: 20 Min. each
Set: Simple Sets
Script (Min 8 needed)$6.50Purchase
    This delightful collection of one-act plays is about human beings learning to love one another. When Bigfoot stumbles out of the woods into Girls Camp it wasn't long before eight teenage girls, scared to death at first, learned to love this innocent hermit who learned to appreciate them as they opened their hearts and gave him an impromptu birthday party, coming up with gifts you can't buy in the store or order on the internet. They came from within themselves.
    In Bigfoot Goes to Girls Camp they invite him into their world and in Bigfoot Goes to Town he comes out of the woods and teaches them lessons about learning to love step-parents, something he couldn't do until they taught him what it means to care about others.
    The Nerd and the Cheerleader get trapped in an elevator and definitely didn't like it. But when she watches him play Santa Claus to his grandmother and others in a care center she discovers how to see beauty by looking inside a person.
    In Christmas on a City Bus Jose and Maria board a city bus to get out of the cold in a rare Seattle snow storm at Christmas time. She is with child and they cannot find lodging in the city during the busy Christmas season . There is no room in the inn. But three bumbling wise men, more wise guys, stumble all over themselves trying to help when she has a baby amid the chaos of snarled traffic unable to move. Folks who stop to help become heavenly choirs and shepherds.