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CAIW   All I Want For Christmas Is...
Author  Susan Blumer
Author  Garrett Heater (bio)
Cast: 6 Male, 3 Female, Children 3+
Time: 45 minutes
Set: Small houses and shelves
Script (Min 9 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
Music Piano Book$20.00Purchase
Act I

Elfis the elf sits in a diner (the story is set in your hometown), inviting the audience to join him on his holiday adventure. Bursting into the street, he joins the neighborhood children in singing about the joys of the season ("Christmastime is Here!"). Christopher, Madeline, and Abigail all meet for the first time amongst the mayhem. Elfis takes note of their holiday spirit and next observes the frosty sneers of Mr. I. C. Icle ("Mr. I. C. Icle"). He returns to the North Pole to find Prancer and Santa arguing over the Naughty and Nice List. Elfis proposes that Santa visit with the three children to teach Christopher and Abigail a well-needed lesson, while commending Madeline for her giving heart. Much to Prancer's dismay, he and Elfis are sent to bring them back to the North Pole that night.

Back in your hometown, Christopher feverishly plays video-games, while his single father unsuccessfully begs him to help decorate the tree ("Plug Me In"). Prancer and Elfis arrive and capture Christopher in Santa's toy sack, carrying him away. Later that night, Madeline's single mother puts her to bed, trying desperately to keep the chill out of their drafty apartment by speaking warmly of Christmas wishes. As her mother drifts off to sleep, Madeline sings of her only wish: someone for her mother to love ("Someone to Love"). Prancer and Elfis make another clumsy entrance and find themselves touched by Madeline's caring heart. They gently carry her off with them. Abigail sits alone in her vast, toy-filled bedroom, musing over postcards sent to her from her absent parents. Singing of all the outlandish things she desires for Christmas, she summons toys to spring to life out of her wardrobe to keep her company ("All I Want for Christmas Is...!"). Elfis and Prancer, disguised as a clown and ballerina, stealthily dodge the dancing toys and nab Abigail in their sack.

Act II

Santa's workshop is busily humming with the hammering of elves on their toys. The hour of flight is approaching and Santa is anxiously anticipating the return of his number one elf and disgruntled reindeer ("Christmastime is Here!" reprise). They arrive with the excited and confused children in tow. Santa greets them joyfully, stressing the power of the Christmas spirit in the hearts of all people("Something for Everyone"). He suggests that the children think about what they need for Christmas, rather than what they want. Their thoughts turn to the unfortunate Mr. Icle and how his birthday, which is Christmas Day, is fast approaching. The children are returned to your hometown by Elfis and Prancer, who bid them a hasty but heartfelt goodbye. Mr. Icle is waiting for the children in the shadows and, summoning his legion of Frostbites, bitterly asks the children what they want for the holidays ("What Do You Want?"). Back at the North Pole, Santa and Prancer return from a hard nights work delivering gifts to find Elfis relaxing with hot chocoate right where he shouldn't be - in Santa's comfy chair!

Christmas Day arrives the next morning. Christopher has received a dog from his father rather than video games and is thrilled. Madeline has received a sweater from her mother and is still anticipating receiving her real Christmas wish. It comes true when Christopher's father and Madeline's mother meet and fall in love! Abigail enters with a stack of gifts mailed from her parents. She has had a change of heart and is going to give them to charity. Mr. Icle arrives, dampening the neighborhood revelry. Christopher's dog (a child in costume) leaps on him playfully. Distraught, he sends the dog away. Wanting to make a difference, Abigail steps forward and offers her charity gifts to Mr. Icle, wishing him a very happy birthday. Touched, Mr. Icle accepts a dinner invitation from Christopher's father, Madeline's mother, and the three children. Gleefully, he joins the town's holiday rejoicing and walks off hand in hand with the children who made this Christmas the best he's ever had ("Finale").