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CAM   Cowboys And Mummies
Author  Klarissa Lockhart-Beilke
Cast: 3-4 Men, 4 Women, Other townspeople
Time: 40 minutes
Set: Simple town sset
Script (Min 7 needed)$5.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
       Handsome Hank returns to his hometown from his time spent out East making his fortune for his beloved Miss Dottie Com. Back home, he reunites with his friends Shotgun Sam and Courageous Anne only to find out that Mean Marion has been moving in on Hank's sweetheart. Hank doesn't have much time to spend with Sam because Mrs. O'Clover, an old Irish widow who typically has an odd job for Sam to do, requests him to meet her niece, Katie, at the train station. Sam falls instantly in love with Katie and tries continually to impress her.
       Katie isn't the only new person in town, Lew Fillmore, a salesman, comes into town selling Egyptian antiquities. Mrs. O'Clover buys a stone tablet that reminds her of the Blarney Stone and Hank purchases a necklace for Miss Dottie. Aside from the necklace, Dottie also receives a ring from Mean Marion. The combination of the ring and necklace causes the mummy of Kheper-Set to rise from the dead and kidnap Dottie, who he believes is his queen. Hank, Anne, Katie, and Sam have to save her on their own because Lew ran (screaming) out of town.
       Marion is then added into the problem, but resolves to work together with Hank to save Dottie. They come up with a plan to capture the mummy and save Dottie, but when Marion sees Kheper-Set he faints. Marion's fainting isn't the only thing that goes wrong with their plan, but everything (sort of) works out in the end.