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CR   The Christmas Reindeer
Author  John Donald O (bio)
Cast: 12M, 3F, 3Either
Time: 1.5 hours
Set: Simple north pole, living room
Script (Min 16 needed)$6.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
Jack and Mary are nine year-old twins. Mary has written her e-mail letter to Santa. Jack, being a boy, is a bit of a skeptic. But when Mary gets a return e-mail advising that Santa's Reindeer have disappeared, and that Santa's Christmas Eve sleigh ride may have to be cancelled, Mary and Jack look for a way to help.

Santa, looking for assistance, has referred Mary to a "computer app," and to try to help Santa, they "click" it and embark upon their Christmas adventure to Santa Land.

There are two versions of this piece. They are written to be played in two entirely distinct venues.

Version #1 is written to be played on a stage. Because there are eight scenes in the play, the author intends that the sets be simple, suggestive and minimal. Of course, where the director has greater "resources" available to him, the sets can be expanded.

Version #2 is written to be performed in a class room as a radio broadcast, as an introduction to drama. "Mics" could be lined up across the front of the classroom, just like they would be for an old-time radio broadcast. The "sound engineer" could them be put in a corner to "spin the dials." One chapter would be performed per day during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The idea is to acquaint young children with drama.