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CSFOP   A Christmas Stocking Full of Plays
   Christmas,Religious,Dramas,Short Plays,Royalty Free
Author  Delvyn Case (bio)
Cast: Varies
Time: about 5 minutes
Set: Made for in church production
Script (Min 2 needed)$5.00Purchase
     It may not be the Christmas season now, but it's always the season to plan for Christmas. Looking for ways to enhance your church services during the Christmas season? Consider how live Dramatic productions can add excitement to your Christmas season services and events. A CHRISTMAS STOCKING FULL OF PLAYS is a collection of short (5-10 minute) plays that can be easily inserted into your Sunday services during December (the Advent season), a special Christmas concert, or during your Christmas Eve service. Now is the time to consider how these plays, developing different aspects of the Christmas message, can be further developed by your pastor in the sermon. The plays in A CHRISTMAS STOCKING FULL OF PLAYS have all been previously produced in churches from Maine to Florida and revised to make them ready for quality productions in your church.

      What are the essential gifts you should be giving to others this Christmas? In THE FOUR GIFTS OF CHRISTMAS, a frustrated Christmas shopper encounters a mysterious stranger at the mall who suggests four gifts of Christmas that should be on everyone's shopping list. These gifts are free, but can the shopper afford to give them to her family and friends? Can you?

      If funds to pay for decorations, food, and gifts for a Christmas party at a senior citizen facility are stolen, should you still show up? And what will happen if you have nothing to provide the guests at the party? THE BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY EVER is based upon a true story occurring in a New England city several years ago. The party turned out to be...I don't want to spoil the ending for you.

      Many love plays about the writing of famous Christmas carols. THE WRITING OF 'I HEARD THE BELLS ON CHRISTMAS DAY' dramatizes the writing of the carol by the notable American writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow during the Civil War. He was asked to compose a Christmas carol but found it impossible to write about Christmas during a time of such death and destruction in American history. What finally inspired him to write this distinctly American carol?

      Do you want to engage the children in your congregation about Christmas? Bring the children up to the platform and produce THE TALE OF THE INNKEEPER'S WIFE. All you will need is one actress (Biblically dressed) to tell the children about what has just happened in the inn that special night! The play can be used anytime during the Christmas season, but is perfect for the children's service Christmas Eve.

      With your church full of regular and seasonal attendees on Christmas Eve, what better way to have everyone in the large gathering participants in the service than producing THE NATIVITY. In this play, a narrator reads sections of the Christmas story. During each reading young children of the congregation, dressed in Bible costumes, act out the story. After each reading the congregation sings a verse of a carol corresponding to the story. What fun! It's a great time for all as everyone in the service is part of telling the greatest story!