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CTR   A Christmas to Remember
Author  Clayton Stang (bio)
Author  Daniel W. Hambert (bio)
Author  Jay Dias (bio)
Cast: Large, diverse cast
Time: 2 hours
Set: Simple house, bar, living room
Script (Min 15 needed)$7.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
Music Piano Book$30.00Purchase
     At the turn of the twentieth century, O. Henry was the most popular writer in America. And yet, despite all the fame, the adoring public had no idea that the author named "O. Henry" was really a fictional character--the creation of a humble man from North Carolina named William Sidney Porter.
     Set over a series of Christmases, A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER visits Porter's sometimes challenging life. Accused of embezzlement by the bank he worked for, his wife, Emma, urges him to flee the country, leaving her and his young daughter, Margaret, to join him later. After a couple of years, he is called back home, by his mother-in-law, to his dying wife. O.Henry is arrested and sent to prison leaving Margaret to be raised by his domineering mother-in-law. Over the next fifteen years, Porter keeps in touch with his growing daughter through a series of falsified letters. He assumes the pen name O.Henry and becomes quite famous as a short story writer. He is finally released from prison and reunited with his daughter. Planning on moving away with her to New York City, his mother-in-law threatens to expose his past. O.Henry, once again, leaves his daughter with excuses. When Margaret decides to move to be with her father, her grandmother tells her everything. Margaret goes to New York to find her father. Ultimately culminating in a confrontation which leads him to write one of America's most beloved stories-- The Gifts of the Magi.
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You Never Really Say Goodbye:
Watching the World Go By:
The Joy of Christmas:
Not Until Today:
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