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FLPFLP   Flip Flop
Author  Lawrence F. Bloom
Cast: 3 M, 3 F, Many others either gender
Time: 1 hour
Set: simple throne room
Script (Min 6 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
Music Piano Book$25.00Purchase
"Flip Flop" is a mythical story set in the town of "FlipFlopMiddleTopRiddleDiddleDoo" where everyone lives in peace and harmony until the day when a dragon is spotted outside the town. The dragon is not an ordinary dragon-instead he's a two-tone, speckle-colored, red-in-the-face, blue in the nose fire-breathing dragon. The townspeople agree that their leader, King Vanity, will know what to do about the Dragon and a citizen is dispatched to the Palace immediately to inform the King. Back at the palace we meet King Vanity, his Tomboy daughter Ferocia, and the three unlikeliest citizens chosen to go out to slay the dragon- Flub, Snub and Glub. Flub, Snub and Glub meet the Dragon outside the town and they discover that he's really nice - just misunderstood. They become friends. On her way out to the woods outside of town for her daily stroll Ferocia meets the Dragon and it's love at first sight. As our story ends the King announces the upcoming wedding of the Dragon and Ferocia, he honors Glub, Snub, Flub for their bravery; As the curtain falls everyone in "Flip Flop" celebrates this happy ending .