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FRT   Aesop's Fables for Reader's Theatre
   Children,Short Plays,Youth/Teen,Royalty Free,
Author  Judy Wolfman
Cast: Multiple small casts
Time: Small segments
Set: Simple sets
Script (Min 4 needed)$5.00Purchase
In all of these Aesop's Fables there are different characters - some are small, some are large - and each one would have a different voice. When reading these scripts, think about how the character might look and act, and what sort of voice he might have. Then, when reading for that character, use the voice you think the character would be best. For example, the cat (in the Cat and the Birds) might have a soft, purring voice, while the Lion (in the Lion and the Mouse) would speak with a deep, roaring voice. Use your imagination for each character and try different voices to see which one sounds best. Have fun with it!