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HAR   Hope And Redemption
   Religious,Dramas,Royalty Free,Short Plays
Author  Charles Spoler
Cast: Two Small Plays - 3+
Time: 30 minutes each
Set: Simple sets
Script (Min 3 needed)$6.00Purchase
Two short plays based on well known bible stories, updated to contemporary times, which explain how people can be given hope and redemption through the love of God and his son, Jesus Christ.

The Water Lady is based on John 8 (the Adulteress Woman) and Luke 7 (The Penitent Woman). Set in the Southwest, Jesse, known as the Water Lady, makes a hardscrabble living selling bottle water and sun products to tourists. She is ostracized by the community for the numerous husbands and boyfriends she has had. One day a mysterious stranger, Jay, wanders in from the desert. Jay is dehydrated, filthy and sunburned, but without money. Out of the goodness of her heart Jesse gives him water, applies ointment to his skin and washes his feet. The townspeople accuse her of yet another adulterous affair and Jay sets them straight by saying "whichever of you be without sin, let them cast the first stone." The Water Lady then breaks down and confesses her sins to Jay. He tells her there is a way out through the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and by leading her in prayer, she is redeemed.

The Trials of Joe is a retelling of The Book of Job, set around Christmas time. Joe is a righteous and prosperous businessman who has managed to balance the demands of his profession with devotion to the Lord. Such is his piety that he has come to the attention of Satan as a man whose faith he would like to destroy. Satan wagers the Archangel Michael that he can do so by casting down misfortune upon Joe. Joe then loses his job, his home, then his family. Throughout his travails he never loses his faith in God; he believes that God has sent him to a homeless shelter to help the needy. At the shelter Joe becomes ill, and the shelter manager suspects that he has tuberculosis. He sends Joe to the emergency room, but Joe is rejected as he has no insurance, even though it is Christmas Eve. Because he has not been medically cleared, the shelter manager sends him away. Joe is alone on the streets and for the first time he is despondent, and Joe prays, in the name of Jesus, that he be sent a sign. On Christmas morning Joe wakes up and is joined by Charlie, a homeless young man who became addicted to drugs while in medical school. Joe introduces him to the love of Christ and Charlie is saved while Joe's faith in God is affirmed. Satan realizes that he has lost the bet, and Michael points out that everything that happened to Joe was God's will and part of His plan: God put Joe in that alley to save Charlie, who is destined to return to medical school and ultimately find a cure for drug resistant tuberculosis. Satan is sent packing, and Joe is reunited with his family.