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HFC   Home For Christmas
Author  Deborah Hodge
Cast: 10 F, 7 M
Time: 1.5 hours
Set: Two simple living room type
Script (Min 17 needed)$6.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     It is Christmas time in Ellendale, Pennsylvania. That means its time for the annual Home for Christmas Project. The orphans who live at the Ellendale Orphanage will be placed with families in the area so they can experience Christmas in a real home. Jessica Russell, director of the orphanage, and her co-workers, Angela Prewitt and Susan Lawrence are having difficult trying to find placement for their last five orphans. In the past placement had never been a problem, because Mr. and Mrs. Sutton, a wealthy couple, had taken whomever was left after the usual placements had been made, but they had died in a plane crash two months prior.
     Just when Miss Russell and her colleagues were making plans to provide the five remaining orphans with a Christmas at the orphanage, Andrew Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Sutton's son, calls to tell Miss Russell that he would like to continue his parent's Home for Christmas tradition. He asks for four orphans to share Christmas at his house. Miss Russell asks if he could possibly take all five. He explained that he could not take all five because he was bringing guests with him and did not have enough servants to take care of five orphans plus the quests. Miss Russell offers to take care of the servant problem if he would take all five orphans. He agrees.
     Miss Russell, Miss Prewitt, and Miss Lawrence become the extra servants so that the five orphans can have the Home for Christmas experience. Hilarious complications occur when Andrew Sutton, his fiancee, his guests, Mr. Sutton's servants, Gladys and Bertram, the five orphans, Miss Russell, Miss Prewitt, Miss Lawrence all are home for Christmas.