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HTFAW   Harebrained Tales From Around The World
Author  Mark T. Somers
Cast: 10 roles (can be done with as few as 4)
Time: 1.5 hours
Set: Simple jungle or such
Script (Min 4 needed)$6.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
It takes a fable from Aesop, a fairytale from the Brothers Grimm and East African folktale to make up Harebrained Tales from Around the World. The show is comprised of The Tortoise and the Hare, The Hedgehog and the Hare and The Lion and the Hare. Told with great humor and heart, this play is interactive, needing participation from the audience which adds to the flavor of the piece. It teaches lessons about striving against the odds, never giving up and using brains over brawn. The rabbit goes from story to story and though he starts out as an arrogant and unfeeling rabbit in the first two tales, by the time of the last story, he finally becomes the hero.