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JS   Joseph's Story
Author  Delvyn Case (bio)
Cast: 8 Men, 4 Women (could be doubling)
Time: 1 hour
Set: Simple Ancient Israel
Script (Min 10 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     A fiancee returns from visiting her cousin for three months and announces she is pregnant. From God. How can anyone believe such an incredible revelation? For Joseph in the Christmas story, the answer is easy if an angel appears. Yet what if the angel stops appearing? And what about others who are not visited by angels?
     In Joseph's Story Joseph struggles with the veracity of Mary's claim that she has been overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and has become pregnant by God-- not my man-- until an angel appears to him. However his young love is further tested by the reaction of his family and friends to Mary's pregnancy. Abandoned by all Joseph must take his new wife soon to deliver one hundred miles to Bethlehem to register for the Roman census. They travel alone with Mary having increasing distress as she approaches the time for the birth of her child. There in the wilderness Joseph must comfort his wife as she wonders whether she can make it to Bethlehem and where her child will be born. How can Joseph reassure Mary about the reality that she is carrying Messiah and where He will be born if no angel appears?
      After Mary delivers in a lowly stable aided by a kindly innkeeper and his wife, Joseph faces more challenges as he learns from an angel that King Herod is sending soldiers to kill the child and all children in the area because he feels threatened by the birth of Jesus who would be king. Hoof beats are heard as the innkeeper and his wife help Joseph and Mary prepare to flee with Jesus. But what will become of the innkeeper and his wife? What should they do? They are at risk because they have allowed Joseph and Mary to be on their property. They have not had angels appear to them as they have considered the truth that Messiah has been born in their stable. How can they believe what has happened has been from God and how should they act now? What will happen to Joesph as he leaves if he no longer is visited by angels?
     Joseph's Story dramatizes Joseph's narrative as he lives out the amazing events of the Christmas story. Joseph's Story has been awarded Honorable Mention in the 2011 Writer's Digest Writing Competition (Stage Play Category).