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LOTWLD   A Light To The World
Author  AraMae Isaksen Hyde
Cast: 16 Men, 5 Women (parts can be doubled or added)
Time: 1 1/2
Set: Simple set.
Script (Min 18 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
       Light of the World is the story of the people living on the American continent during the time of Christ, as told through the eyes of the fictional characters Rumael, Tarish, his sister, Shabishah, and others.
       Tarish, who was once a once a Christian, robs Rumael's home city with his band, the Gadianton robbers. Rumael fights with him, but Tarish calls on his men and they overpower him. Rumael questions whether there is a God.
       Rumael meets Sabishah and her family when he stops to listen to the prophet, Nephi, Sabishah tells him of another prophet, Samuel the Lamanite and signs of Christ's birth, which he prophesied of, as she recounts to him her conversion.
       Sabishah and her family invite Rumael to read the scriptures and find for himself whether or not what they've been telling him is true. They invite him to be baptized and join them as a Christian. Before he has a chance to answer Sabishah's friend, Deborah comes to warn them that the Gadianton robbers are planning to exterminate the Christians on a date that they have set, unless the sign of the night without darkness comes before then.
       Rumael contemplates becoming a Christian, knowing that it may cost him his life. He and Sabishah fall into the hands of the Gadiantons and are rescued by Nephi who pays ransom for them. After talking with Nephi, Rumael tells Sabishah and her family of his desire to be baptized and leave his life in the hands of the Lord.
       Tarish is asked to help guard a group of prisoners brought in by the Gadianton guards. Among them is his former best friend, Zenos. Zenos pleads with Rumael not only to release him, but also to come back to the church. He is caught releasing Zenos. Tarish is arrested and, upon release, learns Zenos was killed in the prison. He asks his captain, Zemnarihah that his family be spared. The captain refuses. Tarish pleads with the Gadianton governor, Giddianhi. Giddianhi commands Tarish to persuade his family to deny the Christ and join the Gadianton robbers and promises that if they will, they will be spared. Tarish leaves for his family's home.
       Rumael finds Deborah questioning Sabishah about her faith, afraid for her life. He explains to her why he chose to be baptized.
       Tarish finds Sabishah at their parent's home. He tells her of Zenos' death and she mourns for him, having once been betrothed to Zenos. He asks her to gather their family and go to the Gadiantons' Secret City. Sabishah refuses, telling him that she will never deny Christ. Tarish leaves and asks her not to tell the rest of the family that he came.
       Nephi prays and receives confirmation from the Lord that the signs will come that night, the night that the Gadianton robbers planned to kill them.
       The Christians gather in Zarahemla. The Gadianton robbers surround them. Nephi comforts Sabishah's family. Tarish enters and watches as the sign of the night without darkness appears. He goes to his family and asks forgiveness. They receive him joyfully. Rumael recognizes him as the man he fought with. He accepts him as his brother and tells him of his love for Sabishah. The Christians rejoice with the coming of the Lord.