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MARCP   Marreu and the Chocolate Policeman
Author  Rob Farrow
Cast: 9 Men, 5 women + 1 young (boy or girl).
Time: 90 Minutes
Set: Simple single set
Script (Min 15 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
    Marreau and the Chocolate Policeman is best described as a detective comedy. There is a complex and mysterious case to be solved, but there are constant humorous diversions which serve to both lighten and complicate the story.
    Marreau, the famous continental private detective - precisely where in Europe he is from is open to conjecture - along with his secretary, Gwendolyn and friend Simpson are staying at the country estate of Lady Eustace. They have been invited there for a weekend shoot which has passed off without incident. Just after midnight a shot rings out and we are soon informed that Lady Eustace is lying dead in the gun-room.
    Marreau, assisted by Gwendolyn, and hampered by the well-meaning Simpson, attempt to discover who has murdered her - if indeed she was murdered. It quickly transpires that virtually everyone had a motive for killing her. One individual in particular seems a likely suspect, until he himself is the next victim, meeting his end in a most unusual manner! False clues and dark secrets abound as the case unfolds as much by luck as by judgement. In a stunning denouement all is revealed and Marreau proudly exclaims his brilliance.