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MC   The Miniscule Chronicles
Author  Nick Conti (bio)
Cast: 11 M, 9F but flexible
Time: 1 Hour
Set: Single forest scene
Script (Min 18 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     Their Motto: Never Ridicule a Miniscule, is gospel for these Gnomes are Mythical, Mystical, Magical, Merry and not to be made fun of. Their History chronicled in the "Minisiscules'Green Book," along with their Laws, Myths, Cures, Tales, and Lore.
     This is their story as told by the Grand Wizard (500 years young) to the young Minis gathered round in natures own classroom on the banks of the Hudson, for a tour of Miniscule's lore and tales of adventure and mayhem. Did you know that Minis are said to be descended from the Gnomes/Leprechauns. With their History tracing back beyond Brendan the Navigator-Monk, born 488 AD, who managed to establish many monasteries in Ireland till his death in 577. Many years after which a book was written about his adventures: "The Voyage of Saint Brendan." Here's the background of our Fictionalized story: Brendan, his crew and a group of 20 young Miniscule Colonizers left Ireland; and went island hopping. First landing on Hebrides Island off the N.W. coast of Britain; then traveled N.W. to Iceland; off to the southerly tip of Greenland, then West to North America; and finally South to Newfoundland, where recently Celtic artifacts were found. At which point Brendan and a skeleton crew headed back to Ireland by a different route. Leaving the Minis to colonize, away from the Persecution they endured in Ireland. Caused by their Philosophy to treat 'All God's Creatures Great and Small,' in a Humane way. And because they were dwarf-like and had magical powers, didn't help either!.
      After finding Newfoundland too cold, rainy and foggy came south by canoe with local Indians who were leaving to visit relatives in the Mohicanituk (Hudson) Valley. They did this by making an agreement with the Indians to go with them by sharing the chores and paddling on the journey south. Traveling first by way of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Lake Champlain, George, then the Hudson River, settling finally in the Hudson Valley; where they made friends with the local Wappingers and Mohican Indians. And made their homes by living inconspicuously in caves and trees. Dwelling in the Mountains all the way to Anthony's nose, by the Bear Mountain Bridge.
      Through the centuries they watched as voyeurs in its History. Witnessing the voyage of Henry Hudson's Half Moon. The settling of the Dutch, English, French and Huguenots. Viewing the injustice of the Farmer Rebellion. And watched Sloops ply their trade; as farming, fishing, railroads, and Industry grew and saw the founding of West Pt.
      The young Minis clamor for a story, The Wizard agrees; and tells them of: "Samantha & Jon, who got lost, hurt, threatened by wild animals, fixed, and saved by Minis, but were late getting home next morning, to their frantic, concerned, parents. But thanks to the Miniscules who are always on the job all was well again in the Valley for Mom and Dad and dog were safely and happily reunited... So Minis for safety sake are elusive, yet will always come to your aid in an emergency! Their Philosophy of Life simple! Be Happy, Humble, Helpful Humanitarians and keep the Environment Clean and Green!