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PC   The Curse of the Prom
Author  Anthony Giordano
Cast: 8 M teen, 7 F (6 teen 1 adult) 10+ extras
Time: 1 1/2 Hours
Set: Simple set
Script (Min 15 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
       A group of misfit, trouble-making high school students find themselves in hot water for yet another school prank. The school has declared that the senior prom that was scheduled to be held outside the school has been canceled. In order for there to be any prom at all, the misfits must decorate the school gym, for generations the site of the school's proms, in time to host the dance.
       When seniors Alex, Butch, James, and Karen arrive early to school to check on their previous night's work, they discover that Marlo, a suspected principal's spy, is dead under the feature decoration, a sphinx.
       While the police immediately label it an accident, the four seniors begin to suspect that in fact it was murder. The only possible suspects seem to be among themselves.
       The play takes a shift when Marlo, the dead senior, appears as a ghost (dressed exactly like when she died except now she is in all white as are all the ghosts as a means of easily identifying them from the living) and realizes that the gym is crowded with other ghosts all of who have died in some mysterious way in that very room over the years.
       Though the ghosts can influence the living in only limited ways (noises or the like), they do not have the ability to speak to the living.
       Marlo, finding out from the other ghosts that the reason she is still in the gym is that the mystery of her death has not been solved, is determined to discover the cause of her death.
       These two parallel plots, the living trying to find out if one of their own is a murderer and the ghosts trying to solve the mystery of their individual deaths, provide a look into high school life through the years.
       Aided by the computer hacking skills of Alex, the living systematically go through the possible motives of the seniors while testing the forensic evidence found at the scene.
       Meanwhile, Marlo and the assorted ghosts, some of whom have a distant connection to this incident, attempt to solve the mystery of their deaths so that they can be freed from the confines of the high school gym.
       Eventually the mystery of Marlo's death is solved and the guilty party is punished.