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PWS   The Princess Wore Sneakers
Author  Alison Pruitt
Cast: 5 Female 3 Male
Time: 1.5 Hours
Script (Min 8 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
"The Princess Wore Sneakers" is one-act children's play describing the adventures of Sam, a smart 11-year-old girl who is planning to be a princess for Halloween. However, she lacks the self-confidence to stand up for herself when her friend Brittney makes fun of her. When Sam is magically transported to a fairy tale kingdom, she learns she must become a substitute for a real missing princess, Annabella.

Although she enjoys the perks of being a princess, Sam soon learns the role can be very limiting. The King won't allow her to do anything fun and expects her to marry the neighboring Prince. Sam is ready to return to her previously boring life; however, the Fairy Godmother will not send her back unless Annabella takes her place. Sam tries to convince Annabella to return, but she is set on becoming a knight. But when the girls learn that a dragon is attacking the castle, they decide to return and help fight it. When they arrive at the castle, they find that the King and the rather dim Prince have failed to fight the dragon effectively. Sam must work with Annabella to outsmart the dragon and save the kingdom. She returns home, having acquired the self-confidence to stand up to her difficult friend.

Many parents are concerned about the craze for all things princess and the images of femininity that this trend fosters in today's girls. This play offers a humorous exploration of our cultural princess obsession and provides an alternative view of girl power.