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QCG   The Quit Claimed Ghost of the Old Viola Opera House
Author  John Donald O (bio)
Cast: 5 Women 3 Men
Time: 45 minutes
Set: simple theatre
Script (Min 8 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     When Molly O'Hara and her friend, Janet Johnston, decide to open an antique store in the tiny town of Viola, Illinois, they are attracted to a building known as the old "Viola Opera House." They are not dissuaded from from buying the old vaudeville house even when Bill Cornelis, the seller's realtor, advises them the place may be haunted.
     With the assistance of their intrepid realtor, Gloria DeGreve, the proprietor of the flower shop next door, and Susan Harper, the Director of the Mercer County Historical Society, Molly and Janet embark on a mission. Molly, not satisfied with answering the question of whether the place is haunted, wants to know why.
     With recourse to the sharp memory of an elderly resident of the town, and the newspaper accounts of a shooting that occurred shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, Molly and Susan come face to face with their "Quit Claimed Ghost", the vaudevillian song and dance man, Jack Harris. Along the way they also encounter his partner, Kitty Sloan, and Tom Scanlan who encourages Kitty to leave her abusive relationship with Jack. As Kitty deals with her problem, Molly and Janet deal with theirs.
     The play combines comedy, tragedy, ghosts and morality into funny play with a strong, but subtle, message for young women to remove themselves from abusive relationships.