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RAP   Rapunzel
   Youth/Teen,Fairy Tale/Spoof
Author  Judy Wolfman
Cast: 2 Male, 3 Female
Time: 45 minutes
Set: Outside house & forest
Script (Min 5 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
      This adaptation of the tale by The Brothers Grimm begins on Rapunzel's 12th birthday when the witch, Mother Gothel, takes Rapunzel into the forest and presents her with a "new" home - a tower. This is Mother Gothel's way of protecting her stolen daughter from harm, or other people. With no stairs, Rapunzel is unable to escape, but her long braids allow Mother Gothel to visit her every day.
     One day, a Prince and his Page hear Rapunzel singing and find her at the tower. After seeing Mother Gothel climb up the braids, the Prince follows suit. They fall in love, decide to marry, and plan for Rapunzel's escape. But their plan is foiled when Mother Gothel discovers it, removes Rapunzel from the tower, and confronts the Prince when he arrives.
     In anger, the Prince attempts to grab Mother Gothel, but falls into a bramble bush, which blinds him. For two years, he and his Page seek Rapunzel, and finally find her. Her tears restore his eyesight, so they can marry.