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RHS   Robin Hood and Such
   Comedy,Melodrama,Royalty Free,Youth/Teen
Author  Klarissa Lockhart-Beilke
Cast: Depends
Time: 10-30 minutes
Set: Simple sets
Script (Min 4 needed)$6.00Purchase
Katherine Hood, Daughter of Robin Hood
Cast: 11 Male, 6 Female, Extras
(doubling possible, and some roles could be played by either Male of Female)

Stage Set: Single Set (Sherwood Forest. Most of the action takes place center stage at the clearing, but the story telling takes place down stage left. There can be tree stumps for the characters to sit on, and possibly a platform for Katherine Hood to stand on so she can be seen.)

Katherine Hood, Daughter of Robin Hood retells the legend of Robin Hood and features a large cast. The various roles include parts for experienced actors, novices and everywhere in between. The large group parts are ideal for younger children, while the main roles lead the groups and tell the story.
Katherine Hood is living the life that her father led with her own band of outlaws, who steal from the rich and give to the poor. Unfortunately for her, the Sheriff of Nottingham manipulates Prince John II into arrest her, her fianc', and Little John's children. To avoid being thrown in a dungeon, Katherine Hood offers to tell the real story of Robin Hood to show that he was the King's friend.
Her story begins with Robin Hood and Little John helping Sir Richard, who just had his life savings seized by a greedy monk. After the Merry Band is well on its way, Maid Marion enters Sherwood Forest, and Robin Hood falls instantly in love with her. Everything doesn't go so well for the Merry Band because Prince John I and the Old Sheriff of Nottingham wish to arrest them. They are upset because Robin Hood is offsetting Prince John's trickle down theory of economics. In order to capture the Merry Band, Prince John I and the Old Sheriff of Nottingham announce a staring contest, which will take place in Sherwood Forest. During the contest, the Deputies come and try to arrest the Merry Band. Their plan is interrupted by the entrance of the King, who pardons Robin Hood and the Merry Band.

Robin, Take out the Trash

Cast: 1 Either

Stage Set: None

Robin, Take out the Trash is a short monologue for a young person who is disgruntled due to the amount of housework s/he was told to do by his/her parents. Instead of working, Robin day dreams about what it would be like to be Robin Hood, only to come to a surprising conclusion.


Cast: 1 Either

Stage Set: None

Napkins features Nicky, who is annoyed by his/her mother's strange habit of taking napkins from fast food restaurants. In this brief monologue, Nicky not only retells his/her mother's problem but also provides a solution.

What's in these Muffins?

Cast: 5 Female, 2 Male

Stage Set: One Set, Living room

What's in these Muffins was a winner in the 2003 Lebanon Community Theatre National Play Writing Contest. This ten minute mystery play illustrates a sibling rivalry between Cynthia and Sammie. The main conflict, though, is when Cynthia and her friends' attempt to figure out the ingredients to the muffins.