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RRJ   Railroad John And The Red Rock Run
Author  John Stallsmith
Author  Tony Crunk
Cast: 6+ Men, 4+ Women, Others
Time: 1 hour
Set: Train and Railroad Platform
Script (Min 10 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
Music Piano Book$20.00Purchase
Railroad John and the Red Rock Run is a stage musical based upon the children's book of the same name by Tony Crunk. John is the proud engineer of the Sagebrush Flyer, his fast and reliable steam engine with Conductor Clem (or Clementine) who helps to tell the story. Lonesome Bob boards the train for Red Rock where he plans to marry Wildcat Annie. Fastidia and Dandy also board the Flyer and provide delightful banter with each other and the other travelers. The trip is interrupted by Bad Bill, his horse Flame, and his gang who make off with the coal and leave the train stranded. Granny Apple Fritter, the feisty traveling companion to Lonesome, gets the train rolling again by stoking the fires with her special recipe muffins. Some nifty lariat-work by Lonesome gets the train across a washed-out bridge and into Sulfur Flats.

The journey seems helpless when the muffins run out and the Flyer comes to a stop. Lonesome is desperate to get to Red Rock and has almost given up when a tornado lifts them off the track only to set them down at Red Rock station.

Wildcat Annie arrives with Bad Bill and his gang in ropes. The whole drama leads to the wedding scene and dance bringing all of the characters into the mix for a happy ending.