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RTGH   The Road To Good Health
   Musicals,Children,Short Plays
Author  David Reiser (bio)
Author  Donald J. Leonard, Jr. (bio)
Cast: 6+ Female, 6+ Male, Lots more of both genders
Time: 1
Set: Wizard of Oz type scenes
Script (Min 12 needed)$6.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
Music Piano Book$20.00Purchase
The Road to Good Health is a musical parody of the "Wizard of Oz" which teaches children about proper nutrition and the basic food groups. Ideal for traveling theatre groups and classroom productions. Suitable for elementary school audiences (pre-school through Fifth grade). Approximate running time: one hour. Multiple roles for males and females many of which can be doubled for smaller productions.

Dorsey Kale is a young girl who failed her recent Health test in school. With the help of Glynda Goodmeal, the good Health fairy, she ventures to the Land of Good Health to learn about the basic food groups and the dangers of eating too much Junk food. With a melodic score that features catchy tunes like "Follow the Road to Good Health" and "Junkfood" along with whimsically unforgettable characters like Grainy the Cereal Guy and Myrna Malnutrition, The Road To Good Health as an educational musical that will entertain children of all ages as well as the young-at-heart!