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SAS   Sense and Sensibility
Author  Joyce E Back
Cast: 6F, 6M
Time: 1.5
Set: 2 simple parlor sets
Script (Min 12 needed)$6.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     Based on Jane Austen's classic novel, Sense and Sensibility tells the story of the Dashwood sisters, who are both star-crossed in romance.
     Elinor, the elder sister, falls in love with Edward Ferrars, the brother of her sister-in-law, Fanny Dashwood. Elinor knows that Edward loves her, but when he does not propose marriage, she assumes it is because he has no independent fortune and is dependent on the caprice of his wealthy mother for support. Alas, poor Elinor! She eventually learns that Edward is actually engaged to Lucy Steele, a woman he met when he was very young. Edward feels he is bound by his word to Lucy, despite finding himself unwittingly falling in love with Elinor.
     Marianne Dashwood captures the heart of the kind and noble Colonel Brandon, but she spurns his love in favor of John Willoughby, a handsome, charming man, whose gambling habit has sent him into financial ruin. He must marry for money, so he deserts Marianne, leaving her heartbroken.
     The difference of each sister's reaction to her dilemma forms the heart of the story. Elinor is sensible to a fault, hiding her emotions to such an extent that her mother and sister are unaware of how much she is suffering. Marianne suffers from too much "sensibility," making no effort whatsoever to control her emotions in order to begin the process of recovering from her disappointment. Her neglect of her own health results in an illness that almost kills her. As she recovers from her illness, she gains wisdom and acceptance.
     To Elinor's relief, Edward's former fiancee deserts him in favor of his brother. Elinor and Edward are married. Marianne, having attained a good deal of sense and self-knowledge, eventually falls in love with Colonel Brandon and marries him. The sisters live near each other, adding to every other advantage of their new lives.