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SFC   Stories of the First Christmas
   Children,Christmas,Short Plays,Religious
Author  Delvyn Case (bio)
Cast: Small casts
Time: 10-15 minutes
Set: Simple set for church
Script (Min 5 needed)$5.00Purchase
     Children come to a Christmas Eve service excited about the 'holiday," but how do you get them excited about Christmas? How do you channel their excitement into the real story of Christmas so that even the very young in the congregation will understand what happened that wonderful night? It was for this purpose that five plays I've written for children have been assembled into the collection STORIES OF THE FIRST CHRISTMAS. Each of these plays is less than five minutes long, and requires only one actor in a Bible costume and minimal props. But each play will present the story of Christmas from a different perspective, allowing the children to understand how Christmas affected all those present in Bethlehem long ago and will affect them today.

     THE TALE OF THE INNKEEPER'S WIFE has the wife of the innkeeper returning to the stable to feed the animals (the children) and wondering about this strange couple who has come all the way from Nazareth to Bethlehem for the census. Because there was no room for them in their inn, the woman Mary gave birth to their Son Jesus in the stable, and the stable became filled with shepherds who heard about the birth of this child from angels!

     THE SHEPHERD'S STORY recounts that angels appeared to the shepherds in the field and told them exactly what they would see when they found the baby in the stable. The shepherd then tells the children that the shepherds are going to tell everyone the exciting news that the Savior has been born!

     JOSEPH'S JOURNEY has Joseph explaining how and why he had to bring Mary, almost ready to deliver her baby, 100 miles from their home in Nazareth to Bethlehem-all because of what the Bible had promised long before.

     MARY'S SONG gives Mary an opportunity to explain to the children Jesus' birth and how the world will never now be the same. Mary admits she does not know all that will come to pass, but Jesus' birth is the beginning of something wonderful!

     WISDOM FROM A WISE MAN has one of the wise men explain to the children that a new bright star appeared to them in a land far away and why they decided to follow it. The star stopped, not over a palace or castle, but over a simple stable with simple people. Isn't this God's way? A Savior coming for all people, even those living in simple towns and even out in the fields.

     With these plays in STORIES OF THE FIRST CHRISTMAS, prepare to have a series of plays available for you for several years Christmas Eve that will engage the children in your congregation to