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SNAR   Saint Nicolas And Rudy
Author  Nick Conti (bio)
Cast: 4 Adults & 3 child.- to 11 adults & 11 children
Time: 50-60 minutes
Set: Simple, One unit set.
Script (Min 7 needed)$5.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
All aboard with your flex casts! Join St. Nicolas & Rudy (his helper), on their Red (space) Capsule in their happy adventures and dangerous encounters. As they carry on a God ordained survey of National Christmas Customs throughout the world. The sampling will insure that people keep Christ in Christmas and not forget its true meaning. You'll see greed; and be overjoyed at the generosity of others as they celebrate and share with us how they celebrate Christmas with their families in their homes & lands. If you didn't come in with the true meaning of Christmas spirit you're bound to go home with it! .