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SR   Seeing Roses
Author  Joyce E Back
Cast: 8 Female 4 Male
Time: 1 hour 45 minut
Set: Simple set
Script (Min 12 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
When the story opens, all the teens are at a block dance organized by the Church of the Spirit. Reverend Bentley announces a scholarship to be given by the church. The scholarship will pay an entire year of college, or if the recipient decides not to attend college, he or she will be given $10,000 cash. The selection of the awardee will be based on service to the community.
      Rose Carroll has spent a great deal of time volunteering at a local hospital, and she is a strong candidate for the award. Although she wants to go to college, she is confused about a career choice. Her father wants her to become a nurse, but she is very interested in music and writes her own songs. She taught herself to play several instruments, and like many musicians, she is very good at math.
      Jason Grillo, who is blind, and his mother, a widow, recently moved to town and are living next door to the Carrolls. When Mr. Carroll learns that Jason needs help with math, he volunteers his Rose as a tutor. Rose reluctantly goes to the Grillo home to help Jason.
      Rose is impressed with Jason's intelligence and ability to interpret the world through his amazing sense of hearing. Jason does not like math, and Rose tells him to listen to music to help him get a sense of math. When she hears Jason jokingly sing 'opera,' she realizes that he has a good voice, and she recommends to her friends Carter and Lincoln that they take Jason into their band as a singer. Carter and Lincoln ask Jason to join the band, and he joyfully agrees.
      Mrs. Grillo tells Jason that tests at the medical center have determined that he can regain sight in one eye by means of a transplant. She herself will be the donor.
      Rose Bentley wants to win the scholarship money because she wants to use it to move to Los Angeles. She convinces Mimi and Carlie to sign in as Rose Bentley when they pick up trash in the park, telling them that the reason is so that her father will stop nagging at her to do volunteer work. Rose B. promises her friends that, if she wins, she'll give the money to someone else.
      Rose Bentley doesn't like Rose Carroll. She overhears a conversation that makes her realize that Rose Carroll has fallen in love with Jason. When Jason returns from his surgery, Rose Bentley appears at his home. She tells Jason that Rose Carroll is the girlfriend of Lincoln. Jason is very disappointed, but he agrees to go on a picnic with Rose Bentley.
      Rose Carroll visits Jason to congratulate him on having sight restored. Jason tells her that he is going on a picnic with Rose Bentley. Rose Carroll tries to be brave, but she runs home in tears. Carter and Lincoln overhear the conversation and they angrily tell Jason that if he's going to hurt their friend Rose, he cannot be in the band.
      Jason is very confused as he waits for Rose Bentley to pick him up to go on a picnic. But Rose Bentley comes to his house in a very bad mood and tells him she's going out with someone else. She's angry because her father wants her to go to college and she wants to go to LA.
      After Rose Bentley leaves, Jason is greeted by Reverend Bentley and Mr. Carroll. They congratulate him on his sight, and ask him why he seems unhappy. Jason cannot confide in the fathers of the two Roses, so he pretends that a "friend" is having problems with two girls. The men realize that he is talking about himself, but they do not know that the two girls in question are their daughters, and each man unknowingly gives advice most likely to cause distress to his own daughter.
      Jason and Rose Carroll clear up the confusing issue between them and go out on a date - Jason's first date as a sighted person. Carter and Lincoln take Jason back into the band.
      The final block dance of the summer takes place. Reverend Bentley announces the winner of the scholarship - it is Rose Bentley. She graciously accepts the award, and Mimi and Carlie run angrily forward, demanding that she give it up. Reverend Bentley is shocked to find that his daughter has been deceiving him, and he has a heart attack.
      Rose Bentley and Rose Carroll meet after Reverend Bentley gets out of hospital. Rose Bentley is contrite at the way she has behaved. The two girls talk about their difficulties with their parents' expectations, and they help each other come up with an idea that will allow them to pursue their dreams while keeping their parents happy: Rose Carroll will become a music teacher, and Rose Bentley will go to college and major in theater.