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SS   Secret Santa
Author  Deborah Hodge
Cast: 6+ Women, 6+ Men
Time: 2 hours
Set: Hotel lobby
Script (Min 12 needed)$6.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     It's Christmas time at a small resort hotel on the North Carolina coast. Two sisters, presently own the hotel. This Christmas is not a particularly good one for them. The sisters are burdened with a mortgage that has a balloon rate and huge monthly payments.
     When the local banker's son, whose father's bank holds the mortgage on the hotel, becomes interested in Jennifer, Susan sees a way for their mortgage problem to be solved. She encourages the romance between Jennifer and the banker's son and urges Jennifer to consider marriage to Henry. However, unknown to Susan, Jennifer is in love with Jason, a handsome hotel employee. Because of her allegiance to Susan and the family, Jennifer does not allow her relationship with Jason to go beyond friendship, but she does allow herself to be manipulated by Susan and Henry.
     Things become very complicated when Kara Hanson, Jennifer's wealthy friend, comes to spend Christmas at the hotel. Jennifer confides in Kara and Kara is determined that Jennifer is not going to marry Henry. Her attempts to help Jennifer find an alternative solution to the mortgage problem is compounded by Kara's attraction to Jason, her discovery of Jennifer's love for Jason, a mystery guest named Hillary, Susan's opposition to taking on a partner, and Henry's marriage proposal.
     The hotel Christmas Eve party becomes the occasion for a Secret Santa to solve all of Jennifer's problems and helps her to get the best Christmas present she has ever had.