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TGRR   The Great Recipe Rip-Off
Author  Bill Gasper
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(1 needed for each performance)
     Nothing much changes at the Crockdip County Fair. Every year, Ima Baker wins the pie baking contest, which has resulted in national attention and offers of big money for the secret family recipe. The secret recipe catches the attention of slippery villain Rip Tile and his not-too-bright associate Lilac A. Rugg.
     Together, the duo travel the fair circuit in search of prize- winning recipes that they can sell to a frozen food conglomerate. Rip first tries to buy Ima's recipe and then tries to dazzle her with his charm, but after being rejected both times, he comes up with a plan to pignap a hog belonging to Ima's boyfriend, Hugh DeMann, and hold it for ransom.
     The pig for the pie...or else. Ima decides to give up her recipe, but Hugh discovers the truth with his keen sense of smell as his nose leads him directly to Lilac, who has neglected to watch her step while tending the hog. Rip decides to make a quick exit with Hugh in hot pursuit. Ima and her friends, Ivana Mann, Rich 'Bubba' Farmer, and newspaper reporter Wanda Bea Ryder, watch and describe the chase across the fairgrounds and into the bull arena.
     There, Rip's life of crime is brought to an abrupt halt. Rip is taken off to jail, and Hugh's prize hog is returned. Wanda is given the scoop of a lifetime when Ima asks her to publish the recipe. Hugh and Ima then agree to get married at the conclusion of this 30-minute one act that illustrates the importance of small town values and good friends.