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TKB   The Kissing Bandit
Author  Deborah Hodge
Cast: 9+ Women 8+ Men
Time: 2 hours
Set: Park Scene
Script (Min 17 needed)$6.00Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     All of his life, people considered Brian a nerd, dork or wimp. Certainly, he was not considered a ladies' man. Brian was determined to change his image and ask Becca out. Having grown up with Brian and knowing peoples' estimation of Brian, Becca refused.
     Brian experiences a ray of hope when Tim McGreevy comes to town. He is a ladies' man with a patented method for turning nerds into Casanovas. He assures Brian that he can do the same for him. He tries, but fails. Brian is forced to find another way to change his image.
     After Brian decides to change his image, a mysterious, suave man dressed in all black and a mask begins meeting ladies in the park and kissing them. The ladies he kisses dub him the Kissing Bandit. The bandit becomes the talk of the town. Everyone woman wants to meet him and be kissed by him, every man wants to beat him up and the police want to arrest him.
     Unfolding events are hilariously funny as everyone tries to snag the Kissing Bandit. In the end, the Kissing Bandit and Brian both get what they want.