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TOBC   A Trail Of Bread Crumbs
   Comedy,Youth/Teen,Fairy Tale/Spoof
Author  Klarissa Lockhart-Beilke
Cast: 8 Men, 5+ Women Plus lots of other parts such as animals, etc.
Time: 1 Hour
Set: Simple set
Script (Min 13 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     An evil stepmother convinces her husband to abandon his children, Hansel and Gretel, in the woods. They then agree to do it the next day. But unbeknownst to them, Gretel had heard their entire conversation, and warns her brother of what horrible fate is about to befall them. Hansel then tells Gretel that he will devise a plan so that they can return home.
     It's just too bad that Hansel's idea is to make a trail of breadcrumbs, because a flock of birds comes by and eats all of the crumbs. After Gretel finds out what her brother has done, they argue, and go their separate ways. On the path that Gretel takes, she comes across a Frog Prince, who gives her an apple in return for a kiss. But when she takes a bite out of the apple, she immediately falls asleep.
     Meanwhile, Hansel is still looking for his sister, but comes across a damsel in a tower, and immediately falls in love. Even though this damsel, Rapunzel, is held captive by the Witch Hansel will stop at nothing to meet her. While trying to figure out how to climb the tower, he meets Little Red Riding Hood, and together they figure out how Hansel can climb the tower. Hansel then, for the first or series of times, climbs up to Rapunzel. But while he is up there, Jack speaks with Little Red Riding Hood asking for advise on his giant problem. She does her best to advise him, but Jack's a little slow and doesn't take heed her warnings until it's almost too late.
     Shortly after, Gretel is awakened by a kiss from Prince Charming, who doesn't stay around long enough to be of much help. Gretel is then greeted by her father, who has just recently told King that she can spin straw into the gold. The King then takes Gretel back to his castle where he orders her to spin a room full of straw into gold. Of course Gretel cannot do this, but instead makes the King an outfit made of invisible fabric that only the intelligent can see. Also, to delay the wedding date, she tells the King that she must have a coat made out of a thousand different furs.
     Now while the hunters are out hunting, they come across Little Red Riding Hood who sends them after a wolf. But still not satisfied, they come across a recently escaped Rapunzel who points them in the direction of a pack of rats that were following a piper. Soon, Gretel finds a path of escape, and returns to the woods to find her brother. They all then return home.