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WC   The White Cat
   Children,Fairy Tale/Spoof
Author  Anne Phelan
Cast: 11 Male, 6 Female (can double to 3 Male, 2 Female)
Time: 45 minutes
Set: simple sets
Script (Min 6 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
KING ALGERNON has everything a king could wish for (including six kingdoms), until his wife QUEEN ODETTE meets the BAD FAIRY, who tricks her into giving up their only child, PRINCESS LEONIE. With the help of the TALKING PARROT and DULCIMER DRAGON, the BAD FAIRY raises PRINCESS LEONIE as her own daughter, but keeps her locked up in a tower.
     One day, PRINCE MORTIMER passes by and helps PRINCESS LEONIE try to escape. Their plot is foiled when DULCIMER DRAGON eats him. In her rage, the BAD FAIRY changes PRINCESS LEONIE into a WHITE CAT. The only way to break the spell is for PRINCESS LEONIE to have someone who looks just like PRINCE MORTIMER fall in love with her.
     In a nearby kingdom, KING BERTRAND is trying to decide which of his three sons (PRINCE LAMBERT, PRINCE VACHEL and PRINCE JEFFREY) should inherit his kingdom. He sends his sons off on a quest to find the most beautiful dog in the world. PRINCE JEFFREY becomes lost in the wood, and finds a castle inhabited by the WHITE CAT.
     When it's time to return home, she gives him an acorn. PRINCE LAMBERT gives his father a dog that does tricks and PRINCE VACHEL gives the KING a dog that can do math problems. But the acorn contains a tiny dog that talks and dances, which the KING declares his favorite. The KING then sends the PRINCES out to find the most precious thing in the kingdom. PRINCE JEFFREY returns to the WHITE CAT, who gives him a beautiful ruby.
     But on his way home, he runs into a LITTLE GIRL asking a DOCTOR to treat her dying mother. The DOCTOR refuses because they haven't paid their bill. PRINCE JEFFREY gives the GIRL the ruby, and returns to the CAT, asking her to accompany him because she is the most precious thing in the kingdom to him. KING BERTRAND doesn't like cats, but when JEFFREY tells his father how much he cares for the CAT, the enchantment is broken and PRINCESS LEONIE regains her human form. She gives each of the three PRINCES one of her kingdoms, and they all live happily ever after.