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WIAP   What's In A Promise
Author  Chip Tudor
Cast: 6-8 Male, 2-4 Female
Time: 35 minutes
Set: Simple office and break room
Script (Min 8 needed)$5.50Purchase
On Christmas Eve morning, Ben Goode, president of Goody Goode candies, casually promises his daughter he will be home from work in time to attend a Christmas Eve service. Immediately afterwards, his best customer calls and demands that an order of candy bars be delivered by the end of the day. Then things begin to go wrong.

First, a computer glitch delays the start of production. Next, a production line goes down. Ben gathers his team and they finish assembling the order just as the workday draws to a close. However, in the midst of celebrating their success, the trucking company calls to inform them that the truck sent to pick up and deliver the order is stalled in traffic.

Ben's last alternative is to deliver the order using U-Haul trucks, but it means he won't be home as he promised. So he's faced with a hard decision. In a serendipitous moment he realizes that for God, Christmas also represented a difficult choice. And likewise, no matter what Ben decides, it will probably cost him something.

The play features a cast of memorable characters like Chuck and Eddie, two goofy custodians that don't speak a word, yet delight the audience with slapstick comedy. There's also Hank, a Barney Fife wannabe and Eugene, the annoying Christmas caroler. Together they all fill the experience with laughter in this entertaining story that takes a lighthearted look at what's important in life.