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WWP   Winter Wonderland Princess
Author  Klarissa Lockhart-Beilke
Cast: 9 Female, Others
Time: 45 minutes
Set: Simple sets
Script (Min 9 needed)$5.50Purchase
Performance Royalty
(1 needed for each performance)
     In the middle of Minnesota lived a long-winded high school student, named Burgundi, who excelled in all of her classes, participated in a lot of extra curricular activities, and was moral in character. Her two closest friends, Alieda, a cheerleader, and Rae, a poet, were also well behaved young citizens who all shared in an odd sense of humor. All was going well for them, until Alieda felt the need to be a queen candidate in the Winter Wonderland Festival pageant. She, of course, convinced Burgundi and Rae to join her. Rae was easy to persuade, but Burgundi was more apposed to the idea.
     As though the cold weather, classes, and bad lunches weren't enough for these three students, but then they had to participate in the Winder Wonderland Festivities with sarcasm as their only weapon. The Festivities leading up to the pageant weren't so terrible either, except for Burgundi, Alieda, and Rae had to associate with the other queen candidates and the current reigning Winter Wonderland Royalty. The coronation ceremony concludes that winter's festivities and reveals the new Winter Wonderland Princesses.