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Submitting Your Work
To submit your work first see our pages about Script Guidelines and royalties. We want you to feel comfortable having us as a partner. Next fill out our submission form as thoroughly as possible.

Also include the following information:

  1. Synopsis (One page well written.)
  2. Cast list and short explanation of characters.
  3. Bio of artists involved. (You don't need to be world famous.)
If we are interested we will have you send more info, including a script. If it is a musical we will also want a demo tape and a sample score Copyright Information
By United States copyright law you have copyright on your original work from the time the work is created in fixed form, effective immediately. Including a copyright symbol with the year (and perhaps the month) with your work will remind others of that fact. It very often is still a good idea to register it with the copyright office. (If anyone has links to other country copyright info I'd love to know about them.) Here are some other copyright links:

The United States Copyright Office

Form To Copyright Works of Performing Arts

"10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained", an essay by Brad Templeton

More Copyright Information links at Yahoo!