Drama Source Royalties

Play Performance/Printed Material Sales/Video Royalties
Author(s) Performance Royalty - 70%
We cover all expenses of shipping and delivery giving 70% of royalties fees to the author(s). For example, if you play has a royalty of $50 per performance and is performed by a group for 3 shows the total would be $150 of which Drama Source would send $105 to you, the author.

Printed Material Sales Royalties - 10%
Scripts, scores, etc. have a very low markup. The main goal, yours as well as ours, is to get your script used in performance. Therefore we try to keep our profit margins low. Thus, for example, if we sell your script for $5 most of that will be printing costs. You would receive 10% or 50 cents.

Music Royalties
Sheet Music Sales Royalties - 15%
The royalties on sheet music used for choirs, etc. is 15%. Thus if you had a piece of sheet music and it sold for $2.00 and 20 are needed for a choir we would do the copying and mailing of the 20 pieces of music. The total cost to the choir would be $40 of which you would receive $6.00.
Other Possibilities
Other Possibilites
If an author wants to handle all of the royalties and just have us act as a fullfilment center we can do that as well for scripts that are G-Rated. Scripts of this nature will not have Drama Source as their publisher, but the author. The author will be in charge of all contracts with the theatre and collect all royalties. Some possibilities include: